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To all Kohll's Employees:
You will now need to include your Employee ID Number at the end of your Username in order to login.
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You can find your Employee ID on your Check Stub. If you do not know your ID, please email akurland@kohlls.com 
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Other Kohll's websites

+ www.CorporateRxSolution.com - Kohll's RxMPSS/PBM Site

+ www.KohllsWellness.com - Kohll's vaccination and wellness programs for corporations

+ www.KohllsQuitSmoking.com - Kohll's smoking cessation program

+ www.EPCVeterinarian.com - Equine and small animal compounding

+ www.KohllsFertility.com - Speciality fertility medications by Kohll's Pharmacy

+ www.KohllsCEUs.com - Online sign-up and information about CEU sessions Kohll's is offering

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